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Cappella, 2021

The term Cappella translates into the word chapel, describing a holy space such as churches, temples, monasteries and cemeteries, or spaces which serve some form of altruistic cause such as charitable organizations. The work ‘Cappella’ takes on all of those notions and attempts to build bridges between them. In a broader sense a Cappella can function almost like a “secret cell”, an egg or even an embryo about to hatch, even as an antibody moving just below the skin taking over the host’s body but with the aim to heal and neutralize a virus.
The video follows the ritual of making and "un-making" the installation; the process to create a chapel and the way to wrap it back to itself, in the same way Theseus gathered the thread in order to find his way out of the labyrinth and out of danger. The artwork aims, through its process, to heal, to restore and to give a way to project our past onto our present, to reconsider ourselves aesthetically and to redefine our future out of the cocoon and out of the chapel.

Yiannis Sakellis, Charalambos Margaritis

Cappella,  the trailer 

Film stills

The box, 2013

A video about the site specific installation "The box" made in 2013 during the exhibition "Othello/Rebirth" 
The video was premiered during the FAFF, the Fine Arts Film Festival in Venice, CA in 2015 and since 2016 is part of the collection of the  State Gallery of Contemporary Art of Cyprus

Film stills

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